“Excellence is the result of

caring more than others think is wise,

risking more than others think is safe,

dreaming more than others think is practical,

and expecting more than others think is possible.”


Te Mooi Speckle Park is part of the Te Mooi Pastoral Company that has both cattle and Thoroughbred breeding interests. Owned and operated by Paul Guy and Rykie Smith, Te Mooi is based at Benalla, North East Victoria.  

Paul has run the successful international Thoroughbred bloodstock agency, Heritage Bloodstock, for 23 years but has always had an involvement in the cattle industry. The granddaughter of a merino sheep farmer, Rykie grew up in South Africa and has a professional career in business strategy and communications.


We had investigated for quite some time before deciding on what our potential seed stock operation was going to look like, and the decision ultimately came down to one question, “What do commercial cattlemen need?”.




We went looking for fertility, quality carcase, easy finishing, high yielding, calving ease, strong maternal qualities, structural soundness and an easy going temperament.


And we found it - with Speckle Park.


Our herd has been built on strong female lines that consistently produce structural soundness and quality herd sires, and our sire selection is greatly influenced by carcase traits.